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Atola TaskForce: Main window

This article helps in understanding TaskForce’s main window, its controls and buttons and how to use them.

1. Home icon

The Home button brings you back to the Home screen. This is where you can check the active and recently completed tasks in the respective sections of the screen.

The number of current active processes is indicated next to the Home icon in a small orange box.

2. Left-side taskbar

When you click Other button in the left-side taskbar you will see two more important TF operations: looking up the SMART table of a drive and unclipping HPA/DCO/AMA restriction, applied to a drive.

3. Cases

By clicking the Cases button in the top panel you get to the Cases page with a list of the latest cases. With the help of the Search bar you can find a specific case. The cases are available for import and export between different TaskForce units.

4. Reports

By clicking the Reports button in the top panel you get to the Reports page that is equipped with a similar search bar. The reports can be selected and printed directly from this page.

5. Current overall performance

To check the Current overall performance please click Atola logo in the top panel. This allows you to keep track of the unit’s capacity usage. TaskForce allows running processes at 15 TB/hour and more.

6. Devices

Click Devices button in the top panel to see all the drives connected to TaskForce to obtain maximum information about each by simply clicking it.

The Devices panel provides additional options for working with the drives: you can power off, reset and re-identify any device.

7. Menu

The Menu contains device settings and features that regulate your use of the TaskForce unit.

In Settings you can adjust the general, database and network settings.

Activation status allows you to look up, reactivate the status or extend the subscription.

In Release notes you can read the information about the most recent Atola TaskForce firmware release and track all updates and enhancements by clicking corresponding links.

In Update firmware you can check the current TaskForce firmware, choose update method and perform the firmware update by selecting and downloading the firmware file.

Toggle fullscreen option is handy when working with other programs or files.