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Atola TaskForce troubleshooting guide

Issue: When trying to turn on the screen, a battery indicator starts blinking.
Reason: Screen battery needs to be charged.
Solution: Let the unit stay powered on for 5 - 10 minutes, during which do not try to turn the screen on. Later use the button on the screen to turn it on as usual.

Issue: TaskForce booting does not get completed. How do I make sure it boots correctly?
Reason: Booting cannot be performed correctly when there is a device plugged into a USB port.
Solution: Power down TaskForce. Unplug the USB device and power the system back on. Wait for the booting to be completed.

Issue: IP address does not show in the front panel even when an Ethernet cable is plugged into the unit. How can I switch to the network mode?
Reason: Your router is responsible for assigning IP addresses to other computers or devices in the same network. Your network does not have a working router with DHCP support or DHCP is disabled.
Solution: Make sure your router has DHCP support and it is enabled.

Issue: Internet Explorer renames TaskForce firmware file with AFM extension into ZIP file. What should I do?
Reason: Internet Explorer identifies an AFM file as a ZIP file and automatically renames it to ZIP. Read this article about the reason Explorer does this. This problem only happens in Internet Explorer.
Solution: Other popular browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox) do not have this feature. Use them instead.

Issue: On a drive that has been diagnosed to be healthy, there are bad sector encountered during imaging.
Reason: Data cable might be degraded.
Solution: Replace the data cable and try imaging again.