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Fast forensic imager
Fast forensic imager

Fast forensic imaging
Even with bad drives

Meet Atola TaskForce,
Atola's high-performance forensic imager
capable of working fast with both good and damaged media
and achieving top imaging speeds on healthy drives.
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15 TB/hour
12+ simultaneous imaging sessions
Atola TaskForce takes evidence acquisition
to the next level: image 12 or more drives simultaneously,
hash, wipe with no penalty on the data transfer speeds 
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Forensic RAID imaging
Forensic RAID imaging
RAID support
Automated assembly and imaging
Auto-detects correct RAID configuration.
Supports RAID 5 imaging with missing device.
Works with E01, AFF4, RAW image files and drives.
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Web API of forensic hardware imager
Web API of forensic hardware imager
Atola TaskForce provides Web API to allow automating your workflow.
Launch and track imaging sessions from your automation tool.
TaskForce is integrated into Magnet AUTOMATE's workflow.
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Fast forensic imaging in Express mode
Express mode
Simply plug drives to start imaging
When the workload is extremely high,
Express mode becomes your time saver.

This self-launching imaging mode works on 17 ports:
1. Plug evidence drives to Source ports: SATA, SAS, USB, IDE
2. Imaging will start automatically!
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Touch interface of forensic imager
Touch interface of forensic imager
Intuitive user interface
Instant use
Atola TaskForce was carefully designed to
enable forensic experts with different levels of
technical proficiency run evidence acquisition tasks.
With no tool-specific training required,
it helps save your organization's resources 
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Forensic hardware imager
Multi-user access
From any device
Unlimited number of users within the organization
operate its web-based software and complete
current tasks with minimal waiting time 
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Standalone forensic imager
On the go
Compact format and standalone mode will make
TaskForce your favorite in-the-field imaging tool that
completes multiple jobs thoroughly and in no time
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