Atola TaskForce 2

Image 25+ drives simultaneously, including damaged ones

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26 ports

8 SATA + 8 SAS/SATA + 4 NVMe (M.2/U.2) + 4 USB + 1 IDE + 1 Extension

Source/target mode with write protection and RGB LEDs.
Current measurement, power control, short-circuit protection.

Automated RAID reassembly

When RAID configuration is unknown,
it requires zero knowledge and supports:

  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD
  • Synology NAS RAID
  • RAID 5 with a missing device
  • RAID 6 with two missing devices
  • Combine drives and images
  • mdadm instant assembly
  • RAID containing damaged drives

Multi-user access

Unlimited users across the organisation manage TaskForce from any device,
completing tasks with minimal latency

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Connect TaskForce to your existing infrastructure and automate your workflow.

Supported by Magnet AUTOMATE and other platforms.

# Example in Python 
import sys

if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
    raise Exception("Please use Python 3 to run this script")

import urllib.request

ports = ["SATA1", "SATA2", "SATA3", "SATA4", "SATA5", "SATA6", "SATA7", "SATA8", 
         "SAS1", "SAS2", "SAS3", "SAS4", "SAS5", "SAS6", "SAS7", "SAS8"]
tasks = []
errors = {}

for port in ports:
        res = urllib.request.urlopen(
            "" % (port))
    except urllib.error.HTTPError as e:
        errors[port] =

print("IDs of started imaging tasks:")
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Atola Device Rack

For easy drive connection and swapping, combine TaskForce 2 with an 8-bay Device Rack

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Server rack compatibility

TaskForce 2 and Device Rack are rack-compatible.
Mount them together in a server rack with no extra effort.

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Express mode

When workload is extra high,
Express mode becomes your time saver.

This self-launch imaging mode works on 25 ports:
1. Activate Express mode
2. Plug evidence drives to Source ports:
3. Imaging will start automatically!

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Fast forensic imaging

Achieve top imaging speeds on healthy drives.

Retrieve as much data as possible from damaged drives.

Diagnose drives

Run forensic drive diagnostics to check a drive's health prior to imaging. Get a detailed report and imaging recommendations. Even for unidentifiable drives.

Image to L01

When time is limited, run up to 25 logical imaging sessions to L01 containers. Drive or RAID, apply the smart file and folder filters and get the essential data fast.

Case management

Store case reports on an external USB drive or a network folder.

Enable user management system to restrict access to certain cases.

Kiosk mode

Connect monitor, keyboard and mouse for standalone use without network.

Plug in a WiFi adapter for an alternative way to connect.

Lifetime warranty

Keep the annual subscription active:

  • 2-3 major software updates
  • Training & refresh knowledge
  • Device replacement
  • Tech support from developers

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Meet more Atola products

Atola TaskForce

Portable high-performance imager with 18 configurable ports.

Supports standalone mode via the tablet screen.

For both single use and multi-user access via Web browser.

Atola Insight Forensic

Imaging tool with the capacity to run 3 parallel imaging sessions.

Includes advanced damaged drive support and powerful sector-level artifact finder.

For a single user via Windows app.

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