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Atola TaskForce is the most capable forensic data acquisition tool in the world.

Its combination of unrivalled multitasking capabilities with top imaging speeds enables users to run many tasks simultaneously and achieve overall imaging speed of 15 Tb/hour.

The system works with both good and damaged media, provides drive diagnostics, wiping, hashing and other forensic features. TaskForce's simple user interface, case management system, multi-user access, task queues and standalone mode make it super convenient and efficient for every forensic unit.

Atola Insight Forensic is a high-speed forensic evidence acquisition tool capable of imaging both good and damaged media.

Its vast functionality includes in-depth drive diagnostics, firmware recovery, ATA password removal, file recovery, scripting, HPA & DCO recovery, hashing, multitasking (imaging + wiping + hashing etc.), on-the-fly artifact search and many other great features.

Compare these devices

Atola TaskForce
Atola Insight Forensic
Simultaneous imaging sessions 12+ 1
Cumulative imaging speed 15 TB/hour 1.8 TB/hour
Targets per imaging session 5 3
Damaged drives support
Ethernet speed 2 x 10Gbit Ethernet ports 1Gbit Ethernet port, 10Gbit with extension
Imaging to E01 and RAW files
Selective partition acquisition
Automation Web API
Hardware unit
Ports 6 SATA, 6 SAS/SATA, 4 USB, IDE + extensions Source: SATA, USB, IDE + extensions,
Targets: 3 SATA, 3 USB
Write protection on all ports (configurable) on source ports
Extension modules Thunderbolt, M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA, Apple PCIe Thunderbolt, M.2 PCIe/SATA, Apple PCIe, SAS, 10 Gbit Ethernet
Touch screen
Server motherboard, CPU, RAM with ECC
Overcurrent, overvoltage protection
Current sensor all SATA, SAS/SATA, IDE ports SATA source port
Lifetime warranty*
Interface web-based (Chrome browser) Windows application
Multi-user access
Built-in Wi-Fi
Standalone mode
Other features
Drive diagnostics
Unknown ATA password recovery
HPA & DCO recovery
Segmented hashing
Multitasking 12 x imaging + wiping + hashing + diagnostics etc. 1 x imaging + wiping + hashing etc.
Case management
Automatic report generation
File recovery
Media scan
View S.M.A.R.T.
Disk editor

*Please note that lifetime warranty is available for the entire period while your software update subscription is active, without any additional conditions.