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Call us: 10am – 6pm ET

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Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce is a high-performance forensic hardware imager. It works with both good and damaged media.

Unrivalled multitasking capabilities and top imaging speeds allow Atola TaskForce to run 12+ tasks simultaneously at 15 TB/hour.

Express mode and Web API provide broad imaging automation capabilities.

TaskForce autodetects RAID configurations and enables imaging of assembled drive arrays.

Atola Insight Forensic

Atola Insight Forensic is a high-speed forensic imaging tool, offering complex data recovery functions with a user-friendly interface.

Its vast functionality includes in-depth drive diagnostics, ATA password removal, HDD head selection during image acquisition, file recovery, finding a file that belongs to a specified sector, HPA & DCO recovery, multitasking (multiple imaging + wiping + hashing sessions, etc.), on-the-fly artifact search and many other great features.

In 2021, it got a new DiskSense 2 hardware unit: DiskSense 2 vs. DiskSense

Product comparison

Atola TaskForce
Atola Insight Forensic
Simultaneous imaging sessions 12+ 3
Cumulative imaging speed 15 TB/hour 4 TB/hour
Targets per imaging session 5 3
RAID support Automated assembly:
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD
Express mode up to 17 imaging sessions
Automation Web API
Damaged drives support
Ethernet speed 2 x 10Gbit Ethernet ports 2 x 10Gbit Ethernet ports
Imaging to E01, AFF4, RAW files
Imaging to encrypted target drives (VeraCrypt)
Selective partition imaging
Logical imaging to L01
Hardware unit
Ports 6 SATA, 6 SAS/SATA, 4 USB, IDE + extensions Sources: 3 SATA, USB, IDE + extensions,
Targets: 3 SATA, USB
Write protection on all ports (configurable) on source ports
Extension modules M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA, Apple PCIe, Thunderbolt M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA, Apple PCIe, SAS, Thunderbolt
Touch screen
Server motherboard, CPU, ECC RAM
Overcurrent, overvoltage protection
Current sensor 6 SATA, 6 SAS/SATA, 1 IDE ports 6 SATA ports
Lifetime warranty*
Interface web-based (Chrome browser) Windows application
Multi-user access
Standalone mode
Other features
Drive diagnostics
Head selection support
Automated RAID configuration detection
Unknown ATA password recovery Various HDD families
HPA & DCO recovery
Segmented hashing
Multitasking 12 x imaging + wiping + hashing + diagnostics etc. 3 x imaging + wiping + hashing etc.
Artifact Finder (sector-level)
Case management
Automatic report generation
File recovery
Source drive files preview
File systems supported NTFS, ext4/3/2, XFS, APFS (with encrypted volumes), exFAT, HFS/HFS+, FAT32/16 NTFS, APFS (with encrypted volumes), XFS, ext4/3/2, ExFAT, HFS/HFS+, FAT32, FAT16
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Disk editor

*Please note that lifetime warranty is available for the entire period while your software update subscription is active, without any additional conditions.