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12+ Simultaneous Imaging Sessions

Parallel Forensic Imager

Atola TaskForce combines vast multi-tasking capabilities with the fastest imaging engine in the forensic market.

To support multiple simultaneous imaging sessions and other processes running on its 18 ports at top speeds, TaskForce unit is assembled from extremely robust, high-capacity components that include server motherboard, 8-thread Xeon CPU 3.7 GHz and ECC RAM.

Our imaging engine supports top imaging speeds of 550+ MB/s, thus allowing TaskForce to achieve 15 TB/hour cumulative imaging speed when running 8 or more parallel sessions.

Each of the threads of the Xeon processor is able to process imaging of a fast SSD at 500+ MB/s. When 9 and more sessions are running simultaneously, individual imaging sessions or other long-running processes on fast SSDs may slow down. But in case of drives that are unable to run at high speed (e.g. HDDs, IDEs, damaged drives or other media), the speed on these drives won't be affected in a considerable way.

Source evidence drives can be imaged to up to 5 targets each. Targets may include:

TaskForce is equipped with two 10Gb Ethernet ports, thus enabling high data transfer rates.

Simultaneous imaging of 12 drives

Simultaneous imaging of 12 drives

Taking advantage of multiple ports

All 18 ports of the hardware unit can be used as either a source or a target thanks to the Source switch. In Source mode, write protection is enabled.

The 18 ports include:

Parallel Forensic Imager