Multi-user access

Many users can simultaneously work with one Atola TaskForce 2 hardware unit, accessing it from different devices within the same local network and launching processes in parallel.

Several colleagues can operate TaskForce 2 at the same time, using:

The number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

Multiple devices to manage TaskForce 2.

Open from any device

Users can open TaskForce 2 web interface from any device within the same local network:

  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile phone

Simply launch Chrome browser and enter in its address bar the IP address displayed on the front panel of the TaskForce 2 hardware unit.

TaskForce 2 shows an IP address required to connect to its user interface.

TaskForce 2 shows an IP address required to connect to its user interface.

Do more, together

TaskForce 2 has 26 ports and supports 25+ simultaneous imaging sessions or other processes.

Simultaneous multi-user access helps you take full advantage of TaskForce’s multitasking capabilities and provides you with the convenience of tracking operation progress remotely.

Forensic imaging of 25 drives in parallel.

Forensic imaging of 25 drives in parallel.

Automate multi-user workflow with Web API

While the one group of users operate TaskForce 2 from the web graphical interface, another one can simultaneously launch, track, and stop operations on the same hardware unit via Web API.

This feature lets multiple users integrate one forensic disk imaging system into their custom automated workflows.

Streamline your workflow with Express mode

Many users, many drives – one preconfigured imaging preset. Express mode helps to tackle cases with multiple drives faster.

You just plug your evidence drive to any of 25 TaskForce 2 ports (all except the Extension port), and an imaging session starts automatically with the settings of your choice. Then your colleagues plug their drives. And then you plug yours again. All your imaging sessions run simultaneously.

In Express mode, TaskForce 2 can process up to 25 imaging sessions in parallel.

25 imaging sessions in progress.

25 imaging sessions in progress.

Separate user profiles and protect them with password

TaskForce 2 comes with a user management system. It can be useful when you share one hardware unit with multiple colleagues at the same time.

You can allow access to TaskForce 2 only for authorized users, protect each user profile with a password, and keep each users’ processes, reports, and cases separate and confidential.

Also, you can set up TaskForce 2 to automatically lock its screen after a certain time of inactivity.

User management system in Atola Taskforce 2.

User management system in Atola Taskforce 2.