TaskForce 2 Changelog


February 14, 2024


Imaging to an E01/AFF4 file on a network share could fail if other software tried to grab the file lock.

Various USB hard disk drives failed to be detected.



New Features

Verify segmented hashes - new task in the Other section. It helps check the segmented hashes in CSV file created during imaging for any type of target: E01, AFF4, raw image, drive.

System settings:

Clickable device header in a case report. It opens the device information page if the appropriate device or image is available.


Failed to open E01 files created by UFS Explorer.

Logical imaging. Check > Download was not handling comas in a generated file name list properly, which broke CSV format.

Reports. Possible first blank page when selecting a report from the list to print.

Minor fix of Other > Customize taskbar and Browse Files compatibility.


New Features

Customization of the Taskbar and Other page.


Logical imaging:

Kiosk mode didn’t work properly with HTTPS enabled.

Issue selecting USB work folder after booting without USB DB drive plugged into the DB port.

Slow (20 seconds) search for new TaskForce firmware when updating it over USB.

About 10 missing Chinese and Japanese translations.


New Features

RAID: Imaging: NVMe drives: Case management:

Other > SSD Trim – new task that helps to notify SSD controller about unused blocks.

Other > View SMART. Apple PCIe and M.2 AHCI PCIe drives supported.

Global Settings. For the ETH1 and ETH2 ports, it shows the speed of the network connection.


No access to network folder with underscore character in hostname.

Widely improved error-handling when someone accidentally unplugs source or target drive during imaging.

Imaging: Logical imaging:

RAID. Applying detected mdadm configuration was not removing Spare drive(s).

Wiping. Multi-launch mode. Format NVM method was mistakenly available for SATA drives.

Case management. Impossible to select the same case for the same Macbook after reconnection.

TOSHIBA MG08ACA16TE drives were not identified until the 2nd attempt.

Occasional error when formatting a target drive to Storage with exFAT.

UI issue on the home page. Blank space when running multiple tasks and scrolling down the page.


Initial release