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Frequently asked questions & our answers

Question: How do I image to an E01 or a RAW file?
Answer: When selecting targets in the second slide-out panel, click Select file. It only works if TaskForce connected to a network and there is at least one freely accessible network folder available. The panel contains How to connect link explaining steps to setup Windows network share. See the screenshot attached. One could also set up a network folder in Linux: we tested this with modern versions of Ubuntu and Centos.

Question: How can I create an E01 image?
Answer: Start an imaging session:

  1. Click Image in the left-side menu
  2. Select a source drive in the left slideout panel
  3. Click Select File in the right slideout panel
  4. In the file navigator, click round button with plus (+) sign
  5. Select E01 in the Type box
  6. Click Create button
  7. Fill E01 details or leave the default values. Click Create
  8. Click Continue

Question: How can I export reports in standalone mode?
Answer: In standalone mode, you can export reports to the internal storage of Microsoft Surface tablet. Alternatively, you can use the built-in WiFi access point. You can activate it in Menu > Settings. Then you will be able to connect to TaskForce from any other WiFi-enabled device and export reports locally to the device.

Question: Can reports only be exported in PDF, can I export them into .RTF instead?
Answer: It should be possible to save a page into RTF. For example, in this Chrome AddOn you can select the reports and click Print, it will generate a single page with all selected reports, which can be exported to .RTF file.

Question: Can all reports listed in the main page be sorted, managed or deleted?
Answer: So far, they can only be filtered. You can find a Search field above the reports on the main page. Entering task name (Image, Diagnose, Wipe) and/or device model/serial allows running quick searches.

Question: Due to information sensitivity, my organization does not allow any external storage devices to be used in forensic imagers. Is it possible to remove or replace the devices included in TaskForce? SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).
Answer: We have foreseen such requirement imposed by certain organizations. That's why TaskForce allows the following:

  • built-in WiFi is disabled by default
  • tablet's camera and mic are disabled during assembly

  • What's more, we were realizing that disabling all of these in a software way might not be enough. So this is why TaskForce includes:

  • easily detachable touchscreen (so it can work without it)
  • removable WiFi access point
  • removable internal SSD
  • Unplugging touchscreen, one can see a special wide hatch in the lid. This is what they would open to remove both WiFi and internal SSD.

    Question: Where can I purchase an additional pack of SAS/SATA cables?
    Answer: eSATAp cables similar to the ones included in the package with TaskForce can be ordered on Amazon or a different online shopping site (Ebay, AliExpress, etc.) at around $9 each. On the other hand, the SAS/SATA powered cables are not widely available on the market - this is custom cable made per our order. We do not include them in TF package yet, price for end user should be about the same as SATA cable.