Network setup tips

Configuring 10Gb network with DHCP-enabled switch

You need to create or extend network with DHCP-enabled switch with 10Gb connection.

Example. Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 16 XG: four 10Gb Ethernet ports, twelve 10Gb SFP ports. Approximate price: $600.

This kind of switch supports static IP setup via simple web admin. So you could set the IP addresses you need for each current network device.

How to configure Ubiquiti DHCP server:

  1. Connect PC and TaskForce 2 to Ubiquiti switch.
  2. Set static IP address of PC to
  3. Open a browser and enter (default Ubiquiti switch IP).
  4. Log in with default credentials: ubnt (both in name and password fields).
  5. Go to System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP server > Global.
  6. Activate Admin mode by checking a necessary checkbox and pressing Submit button.
  7. Go to Pool Summary and press Add to make a new address pool.
  8. Enter your:
    • pool name
    • network base address (for example,
    • network mask (in most cases, it should be
    • put Default Router Address and DNS
    After creating your pool, you can change it via Pool configuration tab.
  9. Click Save configuration button in the upper right corner of the window and click Save.

You can check this Youtube guide for alternative instructions on network setup using Ubiquiti switch.

Getting maximum performance of Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 16 XG network

To optimize performance using Ubiquiiti EdgeSwitch 16 XG, you need to enable 10Gb with jumbo frames:

  1. Go to Basic > Port summary.
  2. Select ports 0/13, 0/14, 0/15, 0/16 and click Edit.
  3. Change Maximum Frame Size to 9014 in Edit Port configuration window.

Configuring a dynamic IP for TaskForce 2 in a network without router or DHCP-enabled switch

If there is no hardware in the network that assigns IP address, or if you want to keep a small network with TaskForce 2 and your server/PC connected directly, it is possible to install and setup software DHCP server. The good news is, it does not require any investment. All you need is some time to set it up on any computer in the server network. Follow the instructions from these guides:

Accessing Windows Server 2012 shared folder

If you want to store a target image file in a Window Server 2012 network folder but it appears missing, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control panel.
  2. Enable Guest account (Administrative tools > AD users and computers > Users).
  3. Network and sharing center > Change advanced sharing settings > Turn On network discovery + Turn on sharing (file and printers + public folders).
  4. In the shared folder access options, add Guest or Everyone.

If the shared folder demands restricted access, please follow this guide.

Setting up Synology DS218 as storage server

To set up Synology DS218:

  1. Go to Control panel > File services > SMB > Advanced settings.
  2. Set Maximum protocol to SMB3.
  3. Go to Control panel > Shared folder.
  4. Click Create button and specify network folder details.

If you need to get a guest account working, run the following actions:

  1. Go to Control panel > User.
  2. Edit for Guest user.
  3. Clear the Disable this account checkbox.

For more instructions and information about check our Troubleshooting guide and FAQ page.

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