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Updating TaskForce firmware

Atola TaskForce firmware is updated on regular basis by our team. You can keep track of the updates we make to the firmware in TaskForce changelog.

Updating TaskForce firmware is easy using a remotely connected computer.

  1. Plug TaskForce into to your local Ethernet network
  2. Open Chrome on your PC
  3. Download the most recent version of the firmware
  4. Enter TaskForce IP address in Chrome browser
  5. Open the System menu by clicking the top right corner icon
  6. In the right-side menu, click Update firmware
  7. Click Update firmware

    Click Update firmware

  8. In the pop-up window, click Choose firmware file
  9. Click Choose firmware file button

    Click Choose firmware file button

  10. In the file selector, select the firmware file and then click Open button
  11. Select the firmware file

    Select the firmware file

  12. In the pop-up window, click Update button

Once the update process has been completed, TaskForce software will switch to the new version. No TaskForce reboot or Chrome restart is required.

The current firmware version can be checked in About page of the System menu.

Check current formware version

Check current formware version