Restore E01, AFF4, RAW image file to drive

To restore data from an image file to a drive using Atola TaskForce 2, follow these steps:

  1. In the TaskForce main window, click Image.
  2. On the Select source device panel, expand the File section and then click Select file.
  3. Select the E01, AFF4 or RAW file you are planning to restore.
  4. Select the target drive and click Continue.

    To limit SATA target drive's capacity via HPA or AMA, go to the imaging Settings and click the Change button.

    Go to the Miscellaneous tab and enable the Limit target disk size to source size using HPA/AMA option.

  5. Click Start for the imaging to begin.

TaskForce 2 automatically creates detailed reports for every session. The imaging report lists all the details of the source, the target, the imaging settings and timestamps including the setting of the new max address of the target drive. This makes such data extraction from a file transparent and forensically sound.

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