Wiping 26 drives simultaneously

With TaskForce 2, Atola introduced the fastest and most capable imaging engine to the forensic market. While cumulative imaging speed in TaskForce 2 constitutes 25 TB/h, the engine is capable of wiping up to 26 drives connected to it, thus achieving a cumulative speed of 100 TB/h.

Multiple drives connected to Atola TaskForce 2.

Multiple drives connected to Atola TaskForce 2.

TaskForce’s task-oriented and efficient user interface has been developed with the intention to launch every operation in just a couple of clicks to expedite work with multiple evidence drives.

TaskForce 2 has 26 ports:

all of which can be used for simultaneous wiping sessions.

TaskForce 2 can wipe 26 devices simultaneously at their top native speeds when using the standard wiping method.

Launch multiple wiping sessions

To perform multiple wiping sessions:

  1. Connect the drives to TaskForce.
  2. Switch the ports, to which the drives are connected, to Target mode by using the individual Source switches on each port.
  3. In the TaskForce user interface, click the Wipe icon on the left.
  4. On the Select target device panel, select a drive.
    To launch the wiping process for multiple drives simultaneously, select Multi-launch at the top right, and then choose drives you want to wipe.
  1. Adjust wiping settings:
    • the range of sectors to be wiped
    • wiping method
    • enter a pattern and its format (HEX/ASCII)
  2. Click Start.

Wiping process is consecutively launched for each device. Repeat the same with all the drives you want to wipe.

Track the wiping progress

Once the operations are launched, track the progress of all tasks on the Home screen. It displays the percentage of wiped drive area and the time left until the end of the planned session. To see more details on the progress of an individual wiping session, click on that session.

To reveal the current overall speed of wiping, click Atola logo in the center of the top bar. In this case, we were able to achieve 18 TB/h. This high-speed wiping capability allows a forensic expert to complete the process of preparing drives for wiping in minimal time.

To ensure maximum transparency and effectiveness, TaskForce 2 documents every operation by creating detailed reports and logs. Click Reports at the top and find the report in the list or use the Search bar at the top of the page.

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