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Creating, exporting and importing imaging presets

For organizations that need to ensure that imaging is always performed with special settings, we have created the possibility to create a special preset, which can also be exported from one TaskForce device and imported to another one. Create custom settings:

  1. Click Image icon in the left-side menu and select source and target devices
  2. Click the Imaging preset management icon in the right bottom part of the window
  3. Select Create option
  4. Type in the name of the preset and click Create
  5. To adjust the settings, click Change button
  6. Change the settings (e.g. hashing options)
  7. Click back and preview the summary of the new settings saved in the preset
Creating a preset (GIF)

Creating a preset (GIF)

To export a preset:
  1. Click the Imaging preset management icon
  2. Click Export option
  3. The preset will be downloaded in .json format
Exporting a preset

Exporting a preset

To import a preset:
  1. Click the Imaging preset management icon
  2. Click Import option
  3. In Import settings window, click Select file button
  4. Choose the file in the file selector and click Open
  5. Double-check the preset in Import settings window and click Import
Importing a preset (GIF)

Importing a preset (GIF)