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Exporting sector lists from an imaging session

When an imaging session is completed or paused, it is possible to see its summary in the Imaging sessions summary page. Now there is also a possibility to export lists which would clearly indicate which of the sectors on the source drive have been successfully imaged, which have not (if any), and which of the sectors contained errors.

To export such list:

1) Click Image icon in the left-side menu and select the source drive
2) In the session summary, click the Export icon

Click <em>Export</em> icon

Click Export icon

3) Select the sectors you are interested in (e.g. Imaged sectors)

Select the type of sectors

Select the type of sectors

4) Save the downloaded .csv file

This file shows the ranges of imaged sectors:

NB Should an imaging session be completed, the list of non-imaged sectors will be blank.