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Atola Insight Forensic: Main Window

This page provides information on basic Atola Insight Forensic controls.

Main window

1. Back and Forward buttons

These buttons allow you to go to the previous screen of the program. This may be useful if you'd like to see previous output or quickly restart a process.

2. Main menu

You use this menu to navigate through different parts of the software.

3. Case

This panel shows the current case number or allows assigning a case number.

4. Source Port controls and indicators

Source port

The source port consists of several parts:

Context menu

Port context (right-click) menu

5. Target Port controls and indicators

Target port has all features of Source port. Target port allows to plug one of the following:

6. Source Menu

Source menu

7. Windows menu

This menu is used to open the Current Oscilloscope and Terminal windows.

8. Selected device information

This panel shows detailed information about the currently attached device. View ID Sector link will open the full information on the ID sector returned by the hard drive.

9. Case history

Here you can see all actions that were done to the currently attached hard drive. If you'd like to get full details on an action, just click it and Atola Insight Forensic will show you the detailed report.

10. Attached Files

Insight Forensic allows attaching files to the case. Whenever you attach a picture, a thumbnail is added to the Home screen.

11. Status and Error registers

This panel displays raw contents of Status and Error ATA registers in real time.