Case Management

Simple, reliable case management from start to finish Atola Insight's Case Management system automatically records every step of the data acquisition process. Every performed action is automatically recorded (including date, time and hash values) and filed under the assigned case number. When a hard drive is imaged, there is a media map recorded, and it indicates all the skipped sectors along with other vital information. Case notes can be added at any time with one click of the mouse to log information such as the case technician or owner of the hard drive.
Home page showing recent case records

Microsoft SQL Server

Atola Insight Forensic uses Microsoft SQL Server to store case management data. There are two database access options:

Each hard drive is detected upon connection

When a hard drive is connected to the DiskSense 2 unit, Atola Insight automatically searches its database and retrieves all past records associated with that particular drive. New entries will be added seamlessly to the database.

ID sector report saved automatically

Record all case data without stopping to take notes

Atola Insight's case management system automatically stores all case data and history and allows you to focus completely on the case. This eliminates the need for you to stop for manual notes or clicking "save" buttons at any point during the data acquisition process.

Keep the entire case history at your fingertips

All reports, firmware files, notes and logs related to a case are automatically saved and can be easily retrieved at any time. Convenient Search/Open function helps quickly find the right case.

Case search

Find any case quickly and easily

Any past forensic or data recovery case can be easily pulled from Insight at any time. Just search the database using the case number, hard drive model, or hard drive serial number. Once the case is selected, you can continue working on it or add new notes.

Print cases

All or only selected reports can now be printed (or exported to PDF, HTML, RTF files) via the new Print function.

Printing case reports

Transferring cases between PCs

With Atola Insight, you can export the entire case history and all reports associated with a particular hard drive into a single package file. This package file can later be exported and shared with colleagues who use other Atola Insight systems. After the file import, new records can be added to the same case using another Atola imager.

It is also possible to export/import multiple cases at the same time.

Export case