We have created AtolaScript language, which helps run custom forensic scripts for devices and their data. AtolaScript is extremely simple and has a set of rules explained in the short cheat sheet. You can easily learn it evem if it is your first language.

There are over 50 AtolaScript commands that help you execute any action from reading sectors to running long-lasting operations like the HEX pattern search.

Transparent user experience

For some of our customers who have no time to learn how to program, we have developed a scripting process that is as simple as it gets. The embedded AtolaScript editor transparently shows UI-friendly command/parameter panels when you are editing your script. In addition, there are 16 script samples that help you learn and take advantage of AtolaScript’s power and simplicity.

Command panel eases script writing

Custom ATA commands

Atola Insight is the first forensic solution that allows running custom ATA commands on SATA/IDE drives. There are 3 commands for your convenience: Ata, AtaIn, and AtaOut. With them, you run ATA commands without data transfer, with data-in and data-out transfers correspondingly.

Changing sector 1200 using AtaOut command

Powerful regular expression search

With Scripting, you take advantage of a search engine that is based on Intel Hyperscan, a high-performance multiple regex matching library. Run searches throughout the whole drive space, including unallocated space. There are 3 available commands:

The commands work for all SATA, USB, SAS, IDE devices plugged into the DiskSense 2 unit.

Word search in multiple encoding at a time

Example - Writing a script to find NTFS INDX records in MFT

Case reporting

Atola Insight’s case management system automatically stores executed scripts and resulting logs in clear, well-structured reports.

Scripting case report