Atola Insight Forensic imager


Atola Insight Forensic has vast multitasking capabilities, which gives you a great productivity boost.

DiskSense 2 unit is equipped with 6 Source ports:

and 4 Target ports:

Each port is isolated from the others.

By smartly utilizing both the CPU of the hardware unit and the CPU of the workstation running the software for different tasks, Insight can support a virtually unlimited number of concurrent tasks. It can simultaneously process a variety of sources and targets, both plugged into the system and image files located on the PC that runs the software or on the local server.

There are a few ways to optimally use Insight's capacity:

  1. Using the full imaging capacity of 3 parallel sessions on any of the 6 source ports and 4 target ports
  2. Running 7 forensic jobs like hashing, wiping, artifact finder etc. on drives plugged to the system

Use cases

Example 1. There are three imaging sessions in progress (from 3 Source SATA ports to 3 Target SATA ports). At the same time, hash is being calculated on a USB drive plugged into the USB target port and Artifact Finder is running on a locally stored image file. You get multiple imaging sessions running at top speeds even if they are fast SSDs and you are not blocked from completing other tasks at the same time.

3 imaging sessions + hash calculation on a target port + artifact search on an image file

Example 2. There is wiping of 7 drives running simultaneously. In addition, File Recovery is running on a locally stored E01 image.

7 wiping sessions on 3 source and 4 target ports + file recovery on an image file

For DiskSense units (manufactured in 2014 - 2020), check out this page about Multitasking.