Supported Drives

Atola Insight Forensic supports all 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch IDE, SATA and USB hard drives, USB Flash media as well as SD, Compactflash, and Memory Stick cards via a generic USB Card Reader.

To ensure high quality and efficiency of our tools, we test them on hundreds of storage devices.

Atola Insight Forensic can also work with the following drive types using proprietary Atola extension modules:

Remote image acquisition can be performed via iSCSI protocol. For that, a drive on another PC has to be exposed as an iSCSI target.

Most functions of Atola Insight Forensic will work with any hard drive or flash card with either IDE, SATA-1/2/3 or USB-1/2/3 interface (including those attached via adapters).

However, there are three functions that only work with specific hard drive model families:

1. Automatic password removal works for the following HDD models

Please note that due to the wide variety of firmware revisions released by hard drive manufacturers, it is impossible to guarantee that the password removal will always work. Hence, password removal may fail on a small percentage of hard drives.

2. Head selection works for the following HDD models

3. Full firmware access (HDD only)