Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product and offer the best warranty terms in the industry. No matter how old your forensic imager hardware is, it is covered by our Lifetime warranty, for as long as your software update subscription is active.

What our Lifetime warranty covers

If you have an active subscription, you can request free replacement of a device, component, extension module, or cable, as well as free training and technical support.

Latest software updates

Subscription covers 2-3 major software updates annually: Atola TaskForce 2, Atola TaskForce, Atola Insight Forensic.

Training: online or offline

Over the years, our team has developed deep technical knowledge and an individual flexible methodology with an emphasis on customer needs, so when support is required, we will provide quick and reliable help.

Also, we provide free training, so that you can work with the device effectively and easily use all its functionality.

If you have not used our imagers, would like to see them in action and talk to our engineers, don't hesitate, request a free demo session!

Device replacement

In the event of a malfunction or mechanical wear, we will repair or change your system free of charge. Before we approve an RMA request, we will verify whether your system has an active software update subscription. There are no additional conditions to be met.

Component, extension module, or cable replacement

If one of the components, extension modules or cables has failed, we will replace it with a new one free of charge.

How long our warranty lasts

Our Lifetime warranty lasts as long as your software update subscription is active.

When you purchase Atola hardware imagers, you get one year of product maintenance subscription for free.

When renewing an expired subscription, there is . A newly purchased subscription starts working right away and is valid for the purchased period.


  • You purchased an Atola system on May 8, 2018
  • The first year of subscription ended on May 8, 2019
  • Since then you have not been extending subscription
Buying and activating the 1-year subscription on July, 10, 2023 makes the subscription active till July 10, 2024.

When our Lifetime warranty does not apply

Physical damage, damage caused by a non-authorized service provider, or self-repair are not covered by the warranty.

Contact us

For all RMA, sales requests or subscription renewal, please contact Atola partner in your region.

Alternatively, you may contact our head office in Canada.

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