Express Mode

Streamline your evidence acquisition workflow with the Express mode, built in the Atola TaskForce. In Express mode, you can autostart imaging with predefined settings by plugging a source drive into TaskForce. Run up to 17 imaging sessions in parallel and, when one of them completes, disconnect the imaged drive, and connect a new evidence device to acquire it without touching a single button.

Express mode’s self-launching imaging is a perfect solution for processing large amounts of data under time pressure, while ensuring gentle treatment of damaged media.

Autostart up to 17 imaging sessions in parallel

Specify your imaging settings for the Express mode only once. Then, simply plug in the drives one by one and watch the imaging sessions start automatically with predefined parameters!

17 imaging sessions in progress

17 imaging sessions in progress

In Express mode, you can run up to 17 imaging sessions at the same time on almost all of the TaskForce ports:

  • 6 SATA
  • 6 SATA/SAS
  • 4 USB
  • IDE

The Express mode utilizes only ports set as a Source, so you can use Target ones for other tasks, such as wiping or hash calculation.

Up to 17 evidence devices are imaged simultaneously to E01 or RAW files on your local server. Two 10Gb Ethernet ports ensure high data throughput and a fast transfer rate.

Perform automated drive diagnostics before imaging

Is the drive you connected to the TaskForce in the Express mode in good or bad condition? Is it encrypted? How much time will it take to image it? The choice of the imaging approach depends on the answers to those questions.

In Express mode settings, you can set TaskForce to automatically run diagnostics on every drive you connect before imaging it.

Express mode settings

Express mode settings

Automated diagnostics provides you with information about:

  • drive state;
  • encrypted, existing, and lost partitions;
  • estimated imaging time for good drives;
  • best imaging approach for damaged drives.

When activated in the Express mode settings, the automated diagnostics module immediately checks all subsystems of the drive you plugged in:

  • hard drive’s motor and electronics (PCB),
  • head stack,
  • media surface or NAND memory,
  • all firmware/system areas,
  • partitions and file systems.

After diagnostics, TaskForce launches individual imaging sessions with predefined parameters. To image the good drives only while in the Express mode, you can opt for starting imaging sessions only if their diagnostics detect no issues.