Atola TaskForce Demo

The voiced video explains how TaskForce copes with imaging multiple evidence drives simultaneously.

It was recorded in 2019 and does not include many features introduced in 2020-2024 years. To learn about the last firmware updates, check out TaskForce blog.

The demo consists of the following parts:

Video length: 55 minutes.

High-resolution version of the video: Atola TaskForce Demo

RAID videos

Please note the demo video had been created before we introduced RAID autodetection and imaging. You can find all RAID-related videos on Youtube.

Atola TaskForce is a forensic hardware imager, developed for optimal productivity and multitasking at top speeds. This forensic drive duplicator is equipped with 8-thread Xeon CPU 3.7 GHz, ECC RAM, a server-grade motherboard and 18 ports for operating multiple drives simultaneously.

Atola TaskForce supports SATA, SAS, USB, and IDE drives, as well as other storage devices via Thunderbolt, Apple PCIe, and M.2 SSD extension modules. TaskForce provides our users with a huge capacity, combined with a variety of forensic features.

We keep supporting automation of imaging in TaskForce to make it an integral part of a fast, predictable and convenient forensic workflow.

The forensic drive duplicator suggests a smartly designed user experience. It allows the launching of the most complicated operations in one click. Intuitive TaskForce interface contributes to saving users’ time and effort.

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