Express mode: self-launching imaging of 17 drives

Express mode enables the automatic launch of multiple imaging sessions on all ports set to source. Simply plug a drive into TaskForce, and the imaging session will start automatically.

Activate Express mode

Just like everything else in TaskForce’s interface, this feature is designed to be intuitively easy to set up.

Source evidence drives can be imaged to E01 (regular or compressed) or RAW files located in a specified folder on the local server. Two 10Gb Ethernet ports enable high data throughput.

As essential as imaging speed is, the proper treatment of evidence drives remains a priority. To enable the automatic launch of imaging of the healthy devices and avoid potential deterioration of drives in a shaky condition, the Express mode settings have two handy options:

  • select Diagnose source drive before imaging so that diagnostics starts automatically,
  • then select Start imaging only if diagnostics has no issues.

Atola’s signature automated diagnostics module checks all drive systems:

  • hard drive’s motor and electronics (PCB),
  • head stack,
  • media surface,
  • all firmware/system areas,
  • partitions and file systems.

We recommend that diagnostics is always performed as soon as a drive is connected to TaskForce for the first time.

Last but not least, you can select one of the imaging presets at the bottom of the express mode activation screen (they can be easily configured on the imaging screen). This will ensure that all imaging sessions in express mode will fit your organization’s demands and procedures.

Once express mode settings are specified, simply click the Activate button and connect your evidence drives for an immediate start of imaging.

17 self-launching imaging sessions

Once all settings are configured and express mode is activated, simply plug in the drives one by one and watch the imaging sessions start automatically!

TaskForce can process 17 self-launching imaging sessions in Express mode on almost all of its ports except for the Extension slot. The ports that can be used for imaging in express mode are, therefore:

  • 6 SATA
  • 6 SATA/SAS
  • 4 USB
  • IDE

When activated, express mode controls all source ports, leaving target ones available for other tasks. If a port is switched from target to source, it also becomes available for imaging in express mode.

TaskForce’s 8-thread Xeon processor, ECC RAM, and server-grade motherboard sustain multiple fast and reliable data acquisitions.

Getting it all under control

Express mode substantially speeds up the imaging of evidence drives while enabling a user to configure settings for optimal handling of evidence drives.

Should TaskForce detect an issue with an imaging session, the User action required notification will prompt the user to take a decision.

In addition, TaskForce keeps the user updated by displaying the number of actions required on the IP screen on the front panel of the unit.

In short, Express mode’s self-launching imaging is a perfect solution when it comes to processing large amounts of data under time pressure, while still allowing gentle treatment of damaged media.

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