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Working with NVMe drives

Atola Insight Forensic supports NVMe drive imaging via the M.2 SSD extension module.

To work with an NVMe device, please follow these steps.

Stage 1. Connecting the M.2 extension to the unit

  1. Make sure your DiskSense 2 hardware unit is powered off.
  2. Connect the M.2 SSD extension module to the Extension port on the back panel.

  3. Power the system on.

Stage 2. Connecting the drives

  1. Make sure that the M.2 extension is powered off (SSD PWR indicator is off).
  2. Connect the NVMe drive to the extension module and fasten it with the sliding retainer.
  3. Power the extension on by pressing the SSD PWR button until the led power indicator on the extension is on.
  4. In the Insight interface, go to the Port section of the top-level menu and click Select Source operation.
  5. Select the drive located in the Extension field and click the Select button to confirm
  6. NB: Please note that non-SATA sources can only be opened in the first Source port. In case you have another device attached to the Source 1 port, the system may suggest that you to power it off

  7. Re-identify your source drive in Insight interface
  8. NB: Please note that DiskSense 2 hardware unit must be powered off before plugging or unplugging an extension module!

Hotplug of NVMe drives is supported. To replace or remove an NVMe drive, make sure to power off M.2 extension module

NVMe imaging

In the Imaging category of the main menu, click Create new session and tick your target drive and click Select.

Click Start to launch your imaging session

NB: Please note that overall imaging speed of the drive is always limited by the slowest device involved in the session: by the read speed of the source or the write speed of the slowest target.