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NVMe drive imaging via NVMe-to-USB adapter

Atola Insight Forensic with the older DiskSense unit (2014) supports NVMe drive imaging via NVMe-to-USB adapter, based on the JMS583 chip.

To start working with an NVMe drive:

  1. Power on your DiskSense unit;
  2. Plug the NVMe drive into the NVMe-to-USB adapter;
  3. Connect the adapter to the USB source port.

NB Please note that in case the unit is booted with a device plugged into its USB port, the booting will not be completed correctly.

To identify the source drive:

1. Click the Identify device link on Atola Insight Forensic home screen or press the F2 button on your keyboard;

2. In the pop-up window with all available source devices, select the NVMe device connected to the USB source port;

3. You can either select a previously created case (if the same drive had been connected and identified with your Insight before) or click the Add new case button;

4. To create a new NVMe device case, enter the NVMe model and serial number in the Add new NVMe device case pop-up window.

NVMe model and serial number can be found on the device’s label:

To launch an imaging session:

1. Go to the Imaging category in the left-side menu on the home screen and click the Create New Session link;

2. Select the target device and confirm by clicking the Select button;

3. In Imaging settings, specify the parameters for the imaging session. Click the Start Imaging button.

Insight will start imaging the NVMe drive.