SAS extension module

Connect SAS drives to Atola DiskSense using the SAS extension module. The main characteristics of the SAS extension module are:

SAS extension module works with Atola DiskSense 2 as well.

Insight Forensic features supported for SAS extension

Atola Insight Forensic supports most operations for a SAS drive plugged into DiskSense:

  • Write protection
  • Current sensing, short circuit and overvoltage protection
  • Damaged drive support
  • Diagnostics, media scan
  • Hash calculation and verification
  • Wiping
  • Device utilities:
    • disk editor
    • file recovery
    • compare (with a pattern, image file or drives)
    • and more

There are a few functions that are not available for SAS drives:

  • Host Protected Area (HPA)
  • Device Configuration Overlay (DCO)
  • Security features
  • SSD Trim
  • Firmware recovery

Plug and unplug the SAS extension module

DiskSense has a PCI Express port on its left side, which is labeled as EXTENSION. It is used to connect Atola hardware extension modules supported by Atola Insight Forensic software.

To connect the SAS extension module to the DiskSense hardware unit, do the following:

  1. Power off DiskSense.
  2. Plug the SAS extension module into the Extension port and fix the module with 3 screws.
  3. Power on DiskSense.

To disconnect the SAS extension module or replace it with another extension module, do the following steps:

  1. Power off DiskSense.
  2. Release the screws which hold the module, and unplug it from the Extension port.
  3. Optional: Plug another extension module into the Extension port and fix the module with a screw.
  4. Power on DiskSense.

Connect a SAS drive to DiskSense using SAS extension module

  1. Plug the mini SAS connector into the extension module.
  2. Plug the molex power connector into the IDE source power socket.
  3. Plug the SAS connector into the drive.

Hotplug for SAS drives is supported. You can connect and disconnect SAS drives without turning DiskSense off and on.

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