Compare source and target to find modified data

So you have a Source evidence drive and its image on a different device, and you have a record that their hash values were identical in the past.

Source and target hashes

If you get a different hash value when you calculate the hash of the target now, it could be due to hardware failure, or because the device containing your image was used by a third party.

To understand how substantial these changes are, you may want to locate the sectors that have been modified.

  1. In the sidebar, go to Disk Utilities > Compare.
  2. Make sure that the whole range of sectors of the drive and radio button next to the Device on DiskSense Target Port option is selected.
  3. Click Compare.

Insight's high-performance compare function compares the source and the target and helps you identify and locate the modified sectors:

Different sectors found during source and target device comparison
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