Case Management system

Insight's Case Management system records every step of data acquisition process: every operation is automatically added to the case from the moment a device is identified including date, time, media map and hash values. When a hard drive is imaged, its media map is recorded detailing all the sectors that have been skipped. Case notes can be added at any time to log information such as the case technician or owner of the hard drive.

Whenever an operator connects a hard drive to DiskSense unit, Atola Insight Forensic makes an automatic database lookup and retrieves all past records associated with that particular hard drive. New entries will be added seamlessly to the database. You do not need to enable Case Management or take any additional actions for it to start functioning; it is fully embedded into Atola Insight Forensic and works at all times.

Case number can be assigned and changed at any time. The system also allows browsing through all cases and records within the cases, without corresponding devices being connected to the unit.

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