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Atola Insight Forensic Downloads

Current version: 4.8
Release date: 2017/02/28
Full Changelog: Atola Insight Changelog

NOTE: You can find links to previous versions at the bottom of this page

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Download update only (EXE) or (ZIP) – 88 MB
This package can be used to update Atola Insight Forensic to the latest version. To update Atola Insight Forensic using this option, just download and launch the file; setup wizard will do the rest.

Full installation (EXE) or (ZIP) – 225 MB
This is the best option for initial installation of Atola Insight Forensic.

Updating Atola Insight Forensic

To update Atola Insight Forensic to the latest version, simply install an update over the existing installation. All settings are kept intact during the update procedure.

Additional links

Older versions

Atola Insight v4.7 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.7 (update)

Atola Insight v4.6 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.6 (update)

Atola Insight v4.5 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.5 (update)

Atola Insight v4.4 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.4 (update)

Atola Insight v4.3.1 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.3.1 (update)

Atola Insight v4.3 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.3 (update)

Atola Insight v4.2 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.2 (update)

Atola Insight v4.1.1 (full installation)
Atola Insight v4.1.1 (update)

Atola Insight v4.0 (full installation)