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There is an AtolaScript language that helps run custom forensic scripts for devices and their data. Our scripting is easy to learn even if it is your first language. AtolaScript is extremely simple and has a set of rules explained in the short cheat sheet.

There are more than 50 AtolaScript commands that enable you to execute any actions, from reading sectors to running long-lasting operations like the HEX pattern search.

Transparent user experience

We realized that some of our customers have no time to learn how to program. That is why we made the scripting process as simple as possible. The embedded AtolaScript editor transparently shows UI-friendly command/parameter panels when you are editing your script. In addition, there are 16 script samples that show AtolaScript’s power and simplicity, accelerating your learning curve.

Custom ATA commands

Atola Insight Forensic is the first forensic solution that enables to run custom ATA commands on SATA/IDE drives. There are three commands for your convenience — Ata, AtaIn, and AtaOut — to run ATA commands without data transfer, with data-in and data-out transfers correspondingly.

Powerful regular expression search

Scripting offers you to take advantage of a search engine that is based on Intel Hyperscan, a high-performance multiple regex matching library. You are able to run searches throughout the whole device, including unallocated space. There are three available commands:

  • FindHEX
  • FindWords
  • Find
The commands work for all SATA, USB, SAS, IDE devices plugged into the DiskSense unit.

Case reporting

Atola Insight’s case management system automatically stores executed scripts and resulting logs in nicely formatted reports.

Example - Writing a script to find NTFS INDX records in MFT