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  • Where do I find DiskSense Serial Number?
    It is located on the bottom of the unit.
  • Will Atola Insight stop working after subscription expiration date?

    No, it will not. You can use Atola Insight forever, however, you will not be able to install versions that came out after your subscription expiration date.

    In other words, you can use any version of Atola Insight that was released prior to your subscription expiration date for as long as you like.

  • How can I achieve the best imaging speed with the DiskSense unit?
    To have an acceptable throughput you would need to use a Gigabit Ethernet network card in your computer. If you plug DiskSense unit into a network switch, the switch has to be rated for Gigabit speeds (as well as all other intermediate switches between the unit and PC where Atola Insight Forensic software is installed). Gigabit Ethernet will give you the maximum speed of about 140 Mb/s when imaging via network.

    This does not affect the imaging speed when imaging onto a Target drive attached directly to the unit, in which case the imaging speed will be up to 500 MB/sec.

    There are few things to check to ensure high speed connection:

    1. Check that your Ethernet adapter supports Gigabit Ethernet. If it doesn't, then you would have to obtain a new Ethernet adapter that supports Gigabit Ethernet.
    2. If DiskSense is not directly attached to the PC but to a networking switch, then please make sure that the switch does support Gigabit Ethernet (as well as all other intermediate switches, if any). Ethernet adapter in the PC still must support Gigabit Ethernet.
    3. A misconfigured network switch or network adapter can cause a negative impact on the speed as well.
    4. Verify that all intermediate network cables between the unit and the PC are 5e category or higher (cat. 6).
    5. For maximum performance, DiskSense Ethernet unit should be connected directly to the Ethernet adapter on the PC without any intermediate network switches.
    There are other things that could affect transfer speeds like network adapter drivers, motherboard drivers, antivirus software and so on. However, complying with the rules above is enough for most cases.

    To verify the network speed you can do the following:

    1. Launch the Atola Insight Forensic software
    2. Connect a good and fast hard drive to the Source port of the DiskSense unit
    3. Navigate to Imaging, select Imaging to File option
    4. In the file selection dialog enter file name null. This special file name will force Insight to skip writing, thus target write speed will not affect the measurement. Data is still transferred through Ethernet.
    5. Begin imaging
    If everything is working properly, you should see speeds of 50 MB/s or higher.
  • How do I reset DiskSense Ethernet IP address to default?

    Default IP address is To reset the current IP address to, turn off the unit, press and hold the yellow HDD Power Off button and then turn on the unit. Hold HDD Power Off button until the unit is ready (Unit Status LED is not blinking). Now the unit has default IP address (

  • When I lock a hard drive in a laptop with known password and then try to extract that password with Atola Insight, extracted password does not match the one I used to lock the drive

    Cause: Laptops apply a certain scrambling algorithm (depending on the laptop manufacturer) before sending the password you type to the hard drive.

    Resolution: There is nothing to resolve. The extracted (encrypted) password is the one that is in the hard drive. You can use it to unlock the drive.

  • How do I backup and restore Atola Insight's database?
    Please follow this link: database backup and restore.

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