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Battery for DiskSense unit

The battery allows the DiskSense unit to keep running forensic tasks without electrical grid. The battery cable is included in the package. Connection between battery and DiskSense unit is simple:

  1. Plug the battery cable's one end into DC OUT socket of the battery
  2. Plug the battery cable's another end into DC IN socket of the DiskSense unit

Using battery

There is the front panel with LEDs showing current charge level between 0% and 100%. When the charge level goes below 10%, the first LED starts blinking and a beeping sound is emitted. It means the battery will run out of charge soon. In this case plug the battery into the electrical grid via standard power adapter of the DiskSense unit.

When the battery fully runs out of charge, the best practice would be connecting it to the power adapter and waiting for 10 minutes. It is normal for all LEDs to be off during these first 10 minutes of charging.

Quiet mode

The quiet mode can be enabled using the switch at the front. It disables all LEDs and buzzer.

Charging battery

Use the power adapter of the DiskSense unit to charge the battery. Plug the power adapter into the battery's DC IN socket. There are two states:

  • Battery is charging. One of front panel LEDs is blinking. Others to the left are lit
  • Battery is 100% charged. The rightmost LED (Full) is on. Other LEDs are off.

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